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6 Benefits of Buying Offplan Houses

What are Offplan Houses? In this post, our MD/CEO Mr Chijioke Joseph explains in simple terms what offplan houses are and the benefits you get from investing in it.

Offplan Houses are houses that you buy before its construction begins or the construction is in early stages.

6 Benefits of Buying Off plan Houses:

1. You are buying a brand new house.

2. You house will increase in value between the time you purchased it and the time it is completed, meaning that it is an asset that gives you CAPITAL GAINS and you can sell it for cool profit.

3. You buy below the market value of the said house

4. You have the option to customise the house by making input in the inside of the house, like on the layout. fixtures and fittings.

5. You pay in Instalments.

6. You can still get discount (even while buying your house below its market value).

BONUS: It saves the the stress of acquiring land, its documentation, hiring contractor/labourers, etc

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