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5 Tips To Avoid Snakes In Your Toilet

In this post, we are going to share with you, 5 safety tips to avoid snakes in your toilet. You may have heard about the recent death of a NAF personnel who was bitten by a snake in her toilet. It is not the first though. At this time of the year that the temperature is getting hotter, snakes are on the move as they are cold blooded. Also, searching for food and mates can bring them to your houses!


1. Clear Bushes around your houses.

2. Plant snake repellant flowers in your compound.

3.  Landlords and landladies, endeavor to seal up broken pipes, drainages, wide cracks on walls or openings on the ceiling, and soakaway.

4. Some Plumbers do a shoddy job by leaving the ventilation pipe on soakaways very close to the ground and uncovered in some buildings as opposed to several years ago that the ventilation pipe it installed high enough and covered with net or other pipe covers. This give room for snakes to enter soakaways and/or pipes. Although, now soakaways don’t have these design of ventilation, but any opening that can let in a rodent or snake must be avoided.

5. One in a while, Fumigate your surroundings.

Remember, antivenoms may not be readily available in this part of the world. Let us do the right thing and be safe.

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